The PCEA Tena congregation was born by the then one congregation parish of PCEA Umoja in the year 2005. Four Elder Districts of the parish were curved out to constitute the Tena congregation, namely:

  1. Donholm,
  2. Greenfields/Sunrise/Savannah,
  3. Tena and
  4. Soteen.

There were other members falling outside the jurisdiction of these districts who chose to join the congregation.

When the members of this congregation first came to this site, they used to worship in the small iron sheet structure adjoining this hall. The small iron sheet structure would be extended with a tent and the two facilities could accommodate about 120 people.

As time passed by, members increased and the facilities could no longer accommodate all worshippers especially on Sunday Services. Suddenly, the challenge to accommodate as many as 200 people could be seen coming within a few months’ time. A stopgap measure had to be put in place as a matter of urgency. Of course this time constraint also had a funds resource constraint.

In order to meet this demand, a semi-permanent building was the undisputed structure of choice. An iron sheet structure could be constructed within a few months and at a much lower cost than a stone structure. The structure that was ultimately arrived at is what we are witnessing today. The hall was started and completed within about four months in the year 2006, through contributions by members. The whole project cost was about KSh 3.5M. The main features of the structure are the main hall and four smaller offices at the corners of the structure. These four offices are being used respectively as vestry, store, meeting/choir dressing room and LCC office, while the main hall has mainly been used by PCEA Tena church and Presbyterian Church of Sudan (PCOS) for Sunday Services and by church groups of the same for other weekday meetings. The main hall can accommodate between 350-400 people.

As far as usage is concerned, a multipurpose hall was preferred in order to accommodate the general spirit in which the plot was donated to the church by the Tena Residents Association - the spirit of serving the community; A building that could be rented/used by members of the community was in line with this requirement. The main hall is thus open for hire by the church members and the community for various other functions like wedding receptions, lectures, meetings and any other function that rimes with the glory of God.

The future plans for the PCEA Tena congregation are to construct a modern facility to serve as a sanctuary and at the same time provide other essentials like offices, recreation, rental and/or other income generating facilities.