About PCEA Tena Church

PCEA Tena Church belongs to the one congregation parish of Tena. Tena Parish is a constituent parish of Nairobi East presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. The parish is administered through the parish minister and the Kirk Session which consists of seven elders. The Kirk Session meets once every month under the leadership of the parish minister who is the parish moderator in such meetings. The officials of the Session are the parish minister, Session Clerk, Parish Treasurer and the Parish Finance Chairman.

At the congregation/church level, the administration includes the Church chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Registrar. The Latter three offices each has an assistant. All these are the officials of the Local Congregation Board (LCB). The LCB is made up of Deacons and Group Leaders. These are the members who meet to elect the above officials except the chairman who is elected by the entire communicant congregation.